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Answering Verizon's call at one of the largest office complexes in the world.

Verizon moved into the second largest building complex in the country after the Pentagon. Fromkin Brothers was called in to coordinate a two-million-square-foot job, including painting, wallcovering, panels, floor surface preparation and wood flooring.

In the first phase, we finished almost 200,000 square feet of office space in just two months for Verizon’s executive staff. The project demanded crews ranging from 20 to 40 employees. We had two shifts a day, seven days a week. Services included painting, wall covering, electrostatic spraying, finishing doors, frames, windows and radiation, and installing tackable acoustic panels.

Surface preparation alone was almost a million square feet. We had two crews—one crew handled shot blasting by day, while another crew poured self-leveling material at night for the installation of flooring. Every aspect of this massive job was completed on time and within the budget.

A stroke of genius: restoring Einstein's office in Princeton, New Jersey.

Jones Hall at Princeton University, New Jersey hadn’t undergone a complete restoration since it was built in the mid-1800s. Although the entire building has a rich history, one office had a rather distinguished occupant: Albert Einstein, who arrived at the prestigious campus in 1933.

After being interviewed by Princeton preservation specialists and the University’s administration, Fromkin Brothers was selected to restore Jones Hall to replicate the original condition of Einstein’s office.

The work on the historic office involved the removal of original stain finishes and refurbishing all the wood panels, trim, doors and wainscoting. We leveraged our experience in wood refinishing and environmentally safe paint and stain removal. We also performed custom stain matching and varnishing using state-of-the-art spray equipment.

Although Einstein’s office represented only 5% of the project, restoring his office alone required over 300 man-hours.

Labor of love: remodeling a maternity wing without interruptions.

Atlantic Health Systems operates two hospitals in New Jersey: Morristown and Overlook, as well as its corporate offices in Morristown. While Fromkin Brothers works on numerous jobs at these locations, one project presented unique challenges: the maternity wing at Overlook Hospital.

We provided a wide range of services without interrupting the hospital’s care for mothers and newborns. Working during the day and on weekends, our crews removed the existing floor, handled surface preparation and installed new floor tile throughout the maternity wing, including the labor and delivery rooms. An important part of the job was our constant monitoring of both air quality and noise levels.

We coordinated our efforts with the nursing staff to adjust our workforce—bringing in larger crews when there was a low census and smaller crews when the hospital was busy.

Putting down new carpet without pulling out furniture.

Becton Dickinson, a pharmaceutical company, wanted to replace 150,000 square feet of carpet at its offices in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Equally important, the company wanted all the work done without disrupting its daily business operations.

Fromkin Brothers came in to the offices for 15 consecutive weekends. We installed new carpet tiles without actually removing the modular systems' furniture that was already in place. How? Every Friday night, our crews would raise up the systems' furniture and remove the old carpet tiles. On Saturdays, we installed new carpet tiles in the morning, by noon a second crew lowered the systems furniture back in place, and then a clean-up crew came in right behind them. By Sunday morning, we turned the space back over to Becton Dickinson for final touch-ups for phases and computer hook-ups. We worked closely with Becton Dickinson’s I.T. Department to ensure all the equipment was up and running by Monday morning. We also performed the painting of their office space.

Bloomingdale's turned to FROMKIN for a makeover.

Bloomingdale’s, at the Riverside Square Mall in Hackensack, New Jersey, was in the process of enlarging and renovating its department store to better serve customers and upgrade the store’s appearance.

The upscale retailer supplied the materials, and had Fromkin Brothers install more than 40,000 square feet of tile. We used high-end materials throughout the store, including porcelain and marble in the bathrooms. We replaced the flooring in the existing aisles and sales areas, and installed the stone and tile flooring in the new store expansion. Our employees did all the work while the store continued to do business.

We have installed large format porcelain floor tile in numerous locations, and provided many other finishing services for retailers of every kind, including Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, New York and Company, and more.

Wide range of tile adds style to corporate offices.

Sanofi Pasteur, in Swiftwater, Pennsylvania, wanted to install over 20,000 square feet of tile and stone in its main lobby, lobby staircase, cafeteria and other highly visible areas of its new administrative building, and the job was awarded to Fromkin Brothers.

We brought in our own eight-person crew and used a diverse range of materials. As with all of our jobs, no portion of the project was subcontracted out. We installed slate floor tile in the lobby. Our team also installed porcelain and ceramic tile in the company's cafeteria, kitchen, and core toilet rooms–all of which utilized unique and very attractive patterns. We also installed slate stair treads, risers and landings on the main staircase. The stone flooring had a unique and distinctive pattern.

To help coordinate the finishes, we were awarded, and successfully completed, the painting within the budget.

FROMKIN Brothers: Making floor installations go smoothly.

Sometimes the least visible part of a job is the most important. That’s the case with floor surface preparation. Since the materials are hidden below the finished floor, customers often forget about it. But we don’t.

Consider Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey. We had to remove over 16,000 square feet of flooring in the operating rooms, procedure rooms, scrub rooms and corridors. Working 12-15 consecutive weekends, we ripped out the old finishes and shot-blasted on Friday nights using our 2-ton ride-on stripping machine. We moisture-proofed and self-leveled the surface on Saturdays, and installed new seamless vinyl flooring on Sundays. We turned the job over to the hospital by Sunday afternoon, so they were able to sanitize and be operational by Monday morning.

Another project was redoing the lobby entrance of the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, New Jersey. We removed the existing granite, leveled the floor, and installed marble—all in a week. All work was performed while the hotel lobby remained open.


Fromkin Brothers was called in to apply a 1/8" double broadcast, self level, 100% solids epoxy system with intrical 6" cove base, to 20,000 square feet of the new and existing concrete floor at Merck & Company's Lab & Research building in Rahway, NJ. We had to be flexible to their schedule, which required working nights and weekends, whenever the labs were available.

The process began by grinding, shot blasting, and filling in all joints of the existing concrete floor. We then applied a 100% solids epoxy resin and broadcast color quartz aggregate evenly over the entire surface. We came back the next day and repeated the process, and the final two days we completed the job by applying two coats of 100% solids clear chemical resistant top coat. This five day procedure took place in every lab and in the corridors.

Merck also ran into a problem with water leaking through from their penthouse and contaminating their labs below. Fromkin Brothers, along with the manufacturer, came up with a system to solve this problem by applying a flexible waterproofing membrane system to 10,000 square feet of their new and existing concrete penthouse floor.

Cleaning Up the Past

When Anheuser Busch needed the dull ceilings painted over Bottle Lines 55 and 65 during a one week shutdown, Fromkin Brothers answered the challenge. The quote was furnished in one day of the RFQ and awarded to Fromkin Brothers within 24 hours. With over 100,000 square feet of concrete deck to paint–located over sophisticated bottling equipment and with one week to do it–the task was formidable.

Within one day of the contract being awarded, the equipment, material, job foremen and the crew arrived on site. We isolated the work area from the rest of the bottling lines and applied the extensive protection required before painting began. On the second full day, priming began with finish coating close behind. The rest is history. Seven days later with all clean up complete, the lines resumed production with no lost time and under much brighter conditions. No production time or product was lost and all of the stringent Anheuser-Busch safety terms and conditions required to work in the brewery were met or exceeded.