Client satisfaction. Four generations of perfecting and expanding our services has established Fromkin Brothers as one of the largest architectural finishing companies in the Northeast. Constantly evolving and changing, we’ve come a long way from being just painting contractors. Today, we offer a variety of services to address your finishing needs: painting, flooring, epoxy coating, ceramic, floor surface preparation, corporate maintenance and clean rooms. Our full spectrum of services gives our clients the comfort, efficiency and satisfaction of partnering with a single-source provider.

Our painting division covers an impressive variety of services and applications. Serving the client bases of commercial and industrial, our work shows itself at the small business around the corner to many of the country’s largest businesses, entertainment and industry enterprises. Be it interior or exterior, Fromkin Brothers is ready for your most important and challenging projects:

When a high performance seamless floor is needed to meet your demands for chemical resistance or severe mechanical abuse, Fromkin Brothers can help. As certified applicators of General Polymers, Rust-Oleum, Carboline, and Sherwin Williams’ line of industrial strength epoxy coating systems, we can assess the environment to which your floor will be exposed, recommend the best system to suit your needs, and install one of the highest performing and longest lasting floor finishes in the industry. We take special care in properly preparing the concrete prior to installation with our extensive line of mechanical abrading equipment including shot-blasting machines and diamond grinders.

Complimenting services for paint and wall surfaces is our flooring division. State-of-the-art techniques have Fromkin Brothers at the forefront with both new materials and their applications. Many projects have us seamlessly moving from wall to floor actions, assuring efficiency and adherence to time schedules.

As our mastery of the newest applications is trusted throughout the construction industry, Fromkin Brothers craftsmanship in ceramic proudly shows itself in some of the most impressive lobbies, foyers, dining rooms, and bathrooms in the area. Material and applications include:

Frequently, before a floor can be completed with a beautiful surface, it must first be properly prepared, corrected or rebuilt. An industry specialty requiring the skill of both machines and application, Fromkin Brothers tackles the toughest of jobs, from 25 to 100,000 square feet.

Reliability and efficiency are key reasons why Fromkin Brothers corporate maintenance division has gained the trust of major corporations throughout the Northeast. By assisting facilities' managers, on-site engineers and purchasing managers, our on-site facilities tailor just the right services for the client’s demands.

No areas in any clinical or lab facility are as important as the clean rooms. These rooms are designed to create a bacteria free environment for the most sensitive of operations, research and procedures. Fromkin Brothers has the proven expertise in clean room installations in some of the most important labs in the country. Our success in coordinating schedules to minimize down time in these areas is maximized by our experience at working around mechanical fixtures and lab equipment.